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Art therapy is a method founded on the belief that creative thinking and artistic expression will aid in the process of healing because they promote mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Art therapy is a way to shift your awareness toward artistic choice and to develop a sense of well-being.

  • Six weekly classes that are designed for you to creatively work and grow, using art to express your journey in recovery.
  • Many ways of dealing with loss and grief, used in conjunction with in-class activities.
  • Basic skills in drawing and proper use of artistic tools.
  • Breathwork, meditation, journaling, and prayer being used along with art lessons.
  • To produce a portfolio of your artistic works that represent your experience with loss and grief. 

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This Art Therapy program does not yet have a date set


Art therapy is an incredible tool in recovery for people deal with loss and grief.


$150 for six classes, $50 for supplies. Bring your own yoga mat or buy one for $20. 6 weekly 2-hour classes.

This program is facilitated by an Art Therapist, whose offering of this is passionate due to the loss of her son.

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